3 Reasons Why I Love Tonno in Wakfield

By guy-manganiello February 6, 2020

I rarely attend restaurant “Grand Openings.” In fact, I don’t even visit shortly thereafter. Mostly because even the most well established chains and experienced staffs will undoubtedly have hiccups. My second issue is this joint is Italian… I’m Italian. Real Italian, not the Jersey Shore or Goodfellas type. I’ve got a Mamma and Nonnas “off-the-boat” who cook so good, that Sunday dinners turn into competitive eating competitions. To top it off, I have family that own establishments. So my bar for this genre is (Larry David voice) pretty pretty high. That being said, throwing caution to the wind, we headed over. Unfortunately, there was no exception to this rule. We had a less than desirable experience with the food. Albeit, the staff was very courteous and attentive so I resigned myself to self-blame, I could hear my Nonna “You shoodah no bettah, vieni qua che ti faccia la pasta (Come here I will make you pasta)!”

Tonight, was a story of redemption. I am happy to report the staff was still courteous and attentive, the bar robust, ambience and cleanliness on-point… What about the food you ask? Much improved. We didn’t sit for a full dinner but did crush the entire bar menu. Prosciutto Board, Crab Cakes, Wings, Tuna Tartare, a few others and an assortment of libations. All up to par, although the smokey addition to the buffalo wings is just too much.

Next time you’re out, support a local establishment with:
Quality Ingredients
Great Ambience
Attentive Service

by visiting Tonno located at 175 North Ave Wakefield, MA 01880.
Website: Tonno

Buon Appetito!